Monday, 21 November 2011

Reflections on SEDA Conference 17th and 18th November

Had a great 2 days at SEDA conference. A key theme throughout was how we might ensure that technology leads to the real enhancement of pedagogic practice in HE. A fantastic range of people meant that technologists, academics and educational developers came together to debate how we might move this agenda forward and share ideas and experiences of doing so. At the same time people came across tools for educational development that they had perhaps not considered before. A well received workshop by Sue Beckingham and David Walker for example looked at how one might build professional  networks using social media . An extremely interesting symposium shared some of the open educational resources colleagues have been developing for Pg certs in Tearning and Teaching in HE.

The conference finished with a virtual and interactive keynote from Professor Susanne Quinsee which pulled together many of the strands which had developed over the 2 days. I particularly liked the way we were encouraged to consider the reasons for the gaps between available technology and practice in HE.

As you might expect Twitter was used extensively throughout the conference and Sue Beckinham has kindly created a wonderful story line sharing tweets which referred to particular parts of the conference

The hashtag for the conference was #sedaconf16. You can follow seda on twitter @seda_uk_

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